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As part of the NAEBOR medical group, you will work with your doctor or physician assistant (PA) to select the pregnancy care plan that meets your needs, including medical care, and social support. After pregnancy, the model continues to be tailored to your needs, with additional support determined by your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum needs.

NAEBOR Models of Care:

There are three models of care offered by NAEBOR.

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  • The traditional model is most like you have heard about, or experienced previously.

    • In this model, you will meet in our office on Mondays with our Black prenatal care provider approximately 10 times during your pregnancy.​

Traditional Care

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  • If you select this, you will meet with our Black prenatal care provider in the office 4 times during your pregnancy, and once during the postpartum period.

  • All other visits will be performed virtually, either by telephone, or through a secure link for a video chat.

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Intense Care

  • Designed with the high risk pregnancy in mind, in the intense model of care, you will meet with the provider in office approximately 8-10 times during pregnancy, as well as virtually at weekly or every other week intervals.

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