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NAEBOR uses a tailored care schedule based on risk assessment and patient preferences. Telehealth options with home monitoring equipment are available.

Black and African American families suffer worse health outcomes during pregnancy and infancy

Marginalized women of low socio-economic status often experience inequalities in social conditions and medical co-morbidities that lead to maternal morbidity and mortality. 

Structural racism and implicit bias exist in current health care delivery models, as well as prenatal care services, and may limit a woman’s ability to achieve optimum health.

Equitable and supportive prenatal care models can reduce the burden of adverse pregnancy outcomes. 

The goal of the NAEBOR clinic is to develop a clinic tailored to the needs of these two marginalized communities with the overarching goal of improving pregnancy outcomes and perceived patient experiences. We realize that patient-centered and individualized care is necessary to reach this goal. With the help of pre-established community-based organizations as well as patient advocates, i.e. social workers and case managers, we hope to be a catalyst for improving the behaviors of our healthcare system as well as the healthcare providers that care for marginalized populations.

Featured on Mayor Monday with Fontana Mayor Aquanetta Warren

Check out this interview with some of NAEBOR's team members -in her episode from Monday September 18th, Mayor Acquanetta Warren is joined by the team from NAEBOR Medical Group to discuss pregnancy care in Fontana and across the country.




We offer full scope prenatal care services for black people. 

Medi-Cal, IEHP, and Molina health care plans are accepted.

We offer care for people with presumptive eligibility, or will help people without insurance apply for presumptive eligibility.

WE SPECIALIZE IN PREGNANCY and offer care and services that include: 

  •  High Risk Pregnancy  

  •  Diabetes / Gestational diabetes

  •  Hypeertensive disorders

  •  Recurrent Pregnancy Loss or Miscarriage 

  •  Incompetent Cervix & Cerclage

  •  Placenta Previa and Bleeding  

  •  Natural Vaginal Birth, and Trial of Labor after Cesarean Deliverey

Ultrasound services:

  • Nuchal Translucency, First Trimester Anatomy

  •  Fetal Ultrasound

  •  Genetic Screening

  •  Amniocentesis

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